The #1 Reason I Pursued an Adult Autism Evaluation

"Why do I have autism, Momma?" We were driving down the road headed to yet another doctor appointment and my mind was heavy with worry because we were late. Again. This was an appointment I did NOT want to miss. Yet those six words pierced right through my thoughts and stopped me in my tracks.... Continue Reading →

I’m Not Who You Think I Am

Most people who have spent time with me describe me as sweet, mature, smart, silly, patient, and compassionate. As a child, adults would describe me as an "old soul". In high school I was "a good girl". I shocked everyone when I turned up pregnant at the age of eighteen. And when I went to... Continue Reading →

Como Se Siente Ser Autista

Photo by Christopher Rusev on Unsplash Se supone que ser diferente a los demás se siente algo. Pero al contrario, ser diferente no se siente nada si es la única existencia que ha tenido. Para que algo se sienta diferente, tiene que haber algo con que compararlo y pues, yo no tengo nada con que comparar la única... Continue Reading →

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